Brite Carpet Cleanings don't use handle carpet. We provide a number of services, including upholstery cleaning. We understand that upholstery can be expensive and no one wants to repurchase upholstery because it's dirty. We say no to the plastic wrapped upholstery! With Brite Carpet Cleanings, you can rest assured that your everyday sitting habbit's won't ruin your upholstery level of cleanliness. We provide a gentle low moisture steam cleaning process that clients absolutely love. You will be able to use your furniture almost immediately after we are finished. We clean almost any type of upholstery, just give us a call and let us help you.

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We understands the importance of preserving your upholstery’s visual appeal as well help to ensure its every day wear and tear. Let our experienced cleaning specialist clean all the common upholstered fabrics and even your specialty fabrics such as haitian cotton or fabric blends.

Brite Carpet Cleaning Services Is Located In Los Angeles County.

Prior to beginning our services, we will inspect the furniture thoroughly and talk to you about any soil or stain issues that you have to ensure the we provide you with proper quality treatment and upholstery care. We start by applying a mild soft fabric spray, and remove any soiled area stains. We then do our fine fabric rinse to make sure no remaining residue is left within the fabrics. We apply different methods and levels of treatment based on the service cleaning needed depending on the desired quality and area of cleaning. To know more call us or schedule an appointment today!


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