At Brite Carpet Cleaners, we understand that cleaning area rugs can vary in difficulty. We will determine the level of cleaning service to provide based on if the rug is heavily-soiled or in a high-traffic area. Depending on the varying situation, we want to make sure your rug gets the correct service. Based on this level of cleaning service we will use the best solutions for your particular carpet, combine that with our professional equipment to optimize the results. We use hot-water extraction methods combined with gentle cleaning solutions to remove stains, odors, and particulates. By the end of our service, your area rug will look like new again!

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Our professional rug cleaning service extends to rugs of all types, whether the rug is a family heirloom, was obtained while traveling, is decorative plush area rug, mud blocker, dining room table rug, bathroom shower rug and more. Brite Carpet Cleaners knows what's best for your area rugs. There is no reason to risk your area rug cleaning with any other carpet cleaning company. Trust the professionals at Brite Carpet Cleaners.

Brite Carpet Cleaning Services Is Located In Los Angeles County.

All you have to do is schedule an appointment, sit back and relax, and let Brite Carpet Cleaners take care of your area rug and restore back to looking like new again!


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