Pet owners understand that their little friends are not always as concerned with clean carpets as we are. We understand how pet stains and odors can take over the household, leaving us slightly embarrassed to have visitors over. Turning your back on a pet for just a moment when nature calls and little time to follow our pets around cleaning up after them can be a hassle. Your once clean carpet now suddenly has a pet spot leaving strong odors to move throughout your household. Not long after this pet stain starts turning darker and darker as it picks up dirt and debris as time passes. If left uncleaned, multiple stains will arise and become even darker which could lead to mold and bacteria buildup.

Pet stains and odor should be eliminated immediately by scheduling our services, or become a member of our frequent cleaning services. The longer the stains remain in your carpet, the more difficult they become to remove. This is why frequent carpet cleaning is the best solution to maintain your home, and leave your happy and proud to have guests over to your home.

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Brite Carpet Cleaners are here to help with all your pet stain and odor removing services. We have seen it all, so do not feel embarrassed to have us over to your home. We understand that maintaining the cleanliness of your our job not yours. We will bring your carpet and upholstery back to life, leaving them smelling fresh again, enabling you and your family to lay on the carpet and watch a movie. Feel more comfortable with your children playing on the floor knowing your odor and pet stains have been removed.

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We don't just treat the surface of the carpet. Urine can travel deep into the sub-floor of your carpet, this is why with our powerful deep machine cleaning that flushes the area with a special solution that will break down urine crystals and encapsulate odors for removal. Once the area has had the solution applied, we then use our deep cleaning nozzles to extract the remaining urine completely from the sub-floor and carpet fibers. This is the most recommended solution for ensuring the cleanliness of your carpets. To know more, schedule an appointment with our specialist and ask about what we can do to help you with the problem.


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