Indoor allergies cause over 40+ million Americans to suffer in their own homes. In a recent study, over 25 million people suffer from asthma caused by indoor allergies. Trust that Brite Carpet Cleaners have a better solution than to throw out your furniture and remove carpet. We help fight the common allergens that are constantly moving around in the air you breathe as well the soft particulates that land within the fibers of your carpet, furniture, mattress, pillows and ducts.

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Brite Carpet Cleaners understand that carpets, couches, cushions, rugs, and mattresses can act like giant filters, trapping these allergens inside fibers and keep them out of the air until the area is disturbed by walking, laying, touching. This causes the particles to travel in the air causing you discomfort. We understand our goal is clean the carpet, couches, cushions, rugs and mattresses with our powerful deep cleaning solutions to remove these allergen components.

Brite Carpet Cleaning Services Is Located In Los Angeles County.

There is no reason for you or your family members to have to suffer. We can ensure a healthier indoor air solution that can help keep your carpets in good condition through regular cleaning visits. Vacuuming will help remove allergens from the surfaces, but our deep cleaning will prevent the release of the allergens from within the fibers of your carpet and mattress.


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